ARTICLE 1 - Definitions

 In these General Terms and Conditions (the "Terms"), the terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them below: 
"Ceramicheanthos" means the online sales store, posted on the site, called "Ceramicheanthos" and managed by C.C.
" means Claudia Causarano with its registered office at Via F: M. Penna, 33 Scicli 97018, registered in Ragusa Agrigento Companies with VAT number n. 01588890887  
"Customer" means any person, or have it terminated unless the registration process, you navigate within the site, including one who acts as a Registered Customer or Consumer customer. 
"Customer Consumer" means a natural person acting for purposes unrelated to their entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or profession , as defined under Article 3, letter. a) of the Consumer Code. 
"Registered Customer" means the person who has successfully completed the registration process to the Site, you chose your nickname and password in order to access, among others, the special reserved section Clients Register. Join the Customer has the right to navigate the site and to use all the services from time to time available on the Site. 
"Consumer Code" means the Legislative Decree no. 6 September 2005, n. 206. 
"Content" means all information, videos, images, sounds, music, photographs, software, newsletters (bearing useful information targeted to the use of the Service and to be understood, for what, an integral part of this ), animations, databases, design and content, trademarks, logos, or the technical solutions, the graphic design, the look & feel, texture, and every other part already made ​​or to be made, whether registered or not, covered whether copyrighted or legally protected, published on the Site, or any other material (in any form) or service being made ​​available through the Site or by C.C.
  to customers, including the information sheets relating to products or services, images or descriptions Products or Services as well as trademarks or logos of third parties who are manufacturers or suppliers of products or services. 
"Agreement" means, collectively, the present General Conditions of Sale (including any document mentioned in these General Conditions), any additional conditions published on site, the more rules, guidelines, codes of conduct and / or instructions on the boards of the individual products or otherwise published on the site as well as any registration form or Purchase Order issued by Customer and accepted by C.C. 
"Business Day" means each calendar day except Saturday, Sunday and other days when credit institutions operating on the square in Scicli are not, as a rule, open to the public for the conduct of their normal activities, 
"Purchase Order": means the 'order for the purchase of products issued by the Customer, in accordance with the purchase procedure referred to in Article 3 below. 
"product" means any product sold by C.C.
  on the site. 
"site means the website www

Article 2 - Subject

 2.1 The Agreement contains the terms and conditions governing: 
- the sale of products purchased by the customer through the Site; 
- navigation on the Site by the Customer as well as the use of all the features made ​​available to the Customer through the Site. 
- Any purchase of products by (a) a customer, acting as a consumer customer, will be governed not only by the Agreement, including the provisions of the Consumer Code and Legislative Decree. n. 70/2003, as applicable; 


3.1 The Customer who wishes to act as a Registered Customer must complete the registration process to the Site by providing information and personal data required and specify an email address . C.C. provide sending an email confirmation of your registration to the email e supplied by the Client Registered during the registration process.

3.2 The Client Recorded must carefully read these General Conditions and, in general, the terms and conditions of the Contract which can be displayed and printed in the course of the registration process including through access to pop-up or hypertext link; the customer is required to accept these terms and conditions by clicking into the box marked by the words "I accept the terms and conditions of use."

3.3 The Client expressly authorizes C.C.  to send to your e-mail address, even through links to the pages of the Website, this Agreement, including its General Conditions, any special conditions, and all communications necessary to implement this Contract. Customer acknowledges that this Agreement, including its General Conditions, any special conditions and all its changes from time to time in force, can be printed or downloaded by the Customer.

ARTICLE 4 - ORDER OF PURCHASE, Conclusion of the contract, order status

4.1 Sending the Purchase Order by the Customer

The products offered on Ceramicheanthos or, in general, on the Site are not binding on C.C.  and do not constitute a public offer, but an invitation to the customer to submit to C.C.  Orders of Products Purchase.

The Agreement must be examined by the customer before issuing any order to buy products or services. Subject to the provisions in art. 3 for the case of Registered Customers, sending an order by the Customer Purchase implies full knowledge and acceptance of these General Terms and the Contract in general.

Purchase Orders will be filled in using the electronic form available in the section of the site, and should be sent to C.C.  through the same site, in the manner indicated therein.

Each Purchase Order placed by Customer will value a binding contract in accordance with art. 1326 cc.

Before sending the Purchase Order, C.C.  will provide the Customer with information consumer (relating to purchase Products subject) provided by art. 52 of the Consumer Code as well as art. 12 of Legislative Decree no. 9 April 2003, n.70.

4.2 Confirmation of receipt of the Purchase Order by C.C. 

After submitting your Purchase Order for Products or Services, the Customer will receive an email from the C.C.  by which the Commission will communicate to the customer that it has received the same Purchase Order, indicating its identification number.

With the above e-mail, C.C.  also summarize the unit cost of each product chosen, the total order line, the total cost of the order (in case of purchase of more products) and any costs for services (ie transportation, shipping and installation).

Upon receipt of the confirmation email above, the customer can verify the correctness of the data, of the Products and Services purchased and, if necessary, report faults and / or errors or ask questions by sending an email to 

4.3 Acceptance of the Purchase Order and Conclusion of Contract

C.C.  notice of acceptance of any order to buy products or services, subject to:

- Checking the availability of the product itself.

- The positive verification of the regularity of the payment of the consideration by the Customer  and, namely: (i) authorize the payment by the banking system, in case of payment by credit card or PayPal, or (ii) the receipt of the transfer by C.C., in case of payment by bank transfer.

 The Consumer Customer undertakes, once the purchase proposal, to print and keep this Agreement, in compliance with articles. 52 and 53 of the Consumer Code.

Article 5 - Delivery times and terms of reimbursement as a result of exercising the right of withdrawal (Dlgs.206 / 2005)

C.C. It recognizes the right of withdrawal as provided by law. The deadline to exercise this right is 10 working days within which the customer must notify us

    by registered letter A / R address: Via F. M. Penna 33, 97018 Scicli  (RG)
    or send an email by filling out the contact form

To receive a refund in the event of payment by credit card we will make the refund of the amount paid by transferring the amount from our back office. Otherwise, it will be necessary to indicate details of a bank account where to charge back (IBAN and account holder of the Code), the chargeback via bank transfer is made ​​within 10-15 days. 
To exercise the right of withdrawal is necessary that:

    - the client declares the intention to exercise the right of withdrawal in the manner described above 
    - the item purchased is returned intact and in its original in all its parts. 
    - The product is delivered on time and in the manner described above. The costs of delivery are paid by the customer.

The goods once reached our warehouse, it will be examined to check for any damages not caused by transport. After checking the integrity of the goods, C.C.  will send the client a consumer, by e-mail, confirming the acceptance of the Product and returned to the return, within thirty (30) days from the date on which C.C.  has become aware of 'exercise the right of withdrawal by the Customer consumer of the sums already paid by the consumer to purchase the product. . The reimbursement covers the product price excluding shipping costs incurred by the customer.

If there is no correspondence between the recipient of the Products indicated in the 'Purchase Order and who changed their payment, in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal by the consumer customer, the repayment of the sums will be executed by C.C. , anyway , to the person who made the payment.

In all cases of returning goods, transport costs are borne by the customer. 
did not respond in any way in the event of damage or theft / loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments.


6.1 Prices

The prices of products posted on the website include VAT, but do not include any shipping costs or commissions.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, C.C.  reserves the right to modify at any time, at its sole discretion and without notice, the price of the products and features from time to time on the Site, without giving thus no assurance as to the fact that the selling price of the products or features remain available on the Website or unchanged for a certain period of time. On the contrary, and for clarity, any price that has been agreed upon acceptance by C.C.  of a Purchase Order issued by Customer, shall remain unchanged and unchangeable between the parties.

6.2 Description of Products

Images or photos used in support of each descriptive card Product (given the nature of the product itself, modeled and painted by hand) are merely indicative and may not be fully representative of the product characteristics received, this could differ in color, size or shades' of color in the photos used to qualify.

6.3 Features

The article sent starch could not be identical to that of the picture, 'cause the nature of the product itself, modeled and painted by hand, is' is that each item is different, making it so' one object. So the size, decorations and shades' of color, described in the photos are only indicative.

6.4 Product Availability

The availability of each product varies according to the product itself. The ability for customers to submit orders online change constantly the availability of products, C.C. does not guarantees availability of products ordered by the customer but reserves to verify it from time to time, by giving notice to the Customer under article 4 above.

 Article 7 -How of the payment (1) Bank transfer in advance

In the case of the home product delivery, if the customer has chosen to pay by bank transfer, payment may be made ​​within five (5) Business Days of the date on which C.C.  has given confirmation of receipt of the Purchase Order under the prior art. 4.2; if the bank transfer was not received by C.C.  within that period, C.C.  will have the right not to accept the relevant Purchase Order or, in the event that said Purchase Order had already been accepted, the respective Agreement shall be considered automatically terminated and ineffective and the customer will receive an e-mail from C.C.  for this purpose. 
For the execution of the transfer to the customer's bank may charge a fee. 
in any case, the products covered by each Purchase order accepted by C.C.
  will be shipped from it only when C.C. will see displayed after the crediting of the amount due on your account (dates for wire transfer will be provided shortly after the completion of the order online).

 (2) PayPal

If the customer has chosen to purchase through the PayPal payment method at the end of the order, the customer is directed to the PayPal login page. 
The amount payable by the Customer in respect of each Purchase Order is debited from your PayPal account to the same time the order of Purchase by the Client. 
For every transaction made ​​with your PayPal account, the customer will receive e-mail from PayPal confirmation. 
  reserves the right to refuse purchase orders or to suspend execution of already concluded contracts if PayPal signals anomalies or irregularities in payment. In that case C.C. reserves the right to call the Customer information and / or sending copies of documents proving the ownership of the credit card used for purchase. In the absence of the required documentation, C.C.  reserves the right not to accept the Purchase Order or to terminate any agreement already concluded, without this giving any right to the customer to claim compensation for damages or to bring any other claims.

 Article 8 - Payment security

For online payments, the data provided by the customer are transmitted by unsafe practices which prevent other reading. 
The application software that C.C.
  uses for the management of payments through credit cards through paypal and so it is with SSL ( secure Socket Layer) to encrypt data sent over the Internet and VerifiedByVisa SecureCard and security in transactions. 
to make sure you have a secure connection must use a browser such as Internet Explorer (5.x and later.), Netscape Navigator (4. x-succ.), Mozilla Firefox (1.x and later.), Opera, Safari or Chrome capable of transmitting encrypted data with the Ceramicheanthos server. 
to find out if you are in a secure connection is sufficient to check that there is the prefix " https "instead of" http "in the Web site, and that the image of the lock visible in the bottom bar of the browser is" closed. " 
in addition, please note that your credit card information is sent to the bank server only after successful click of the Customer confirms (the purpose of this, it is important to emphasize that even C.C.
  has the ability to view this data). 
Until then the data is stored exclusively on the customer computer.

Article 9 - Shipping

. The price of the product purchased by the customer for which is required to delivery, must be added an amount by way of shipping. This amount is calculated automatically from ceramicheanthos system, having regard, among others, to the weight and size of products, but without distinctions related to the place of delivery in Italian territory. This amount will be stated in the Order of Purchase before his sending by the customer.

Article 10 - Delivery time.

Being handmade items, our products have lead times which vary according to availability 'from 3 to 15 working days after order confirmation.

Article 11 - SAFETY

Join the Customer is responsible for the conservation and appropriate use of all the e-mails, user names, nicknames and passwords used to connect to the site and must take all measures necessary to ensure that they are used properly and that user names and passwords are kept secret and not revealed to any unauthorized person.

You join the Customer is responsible for all activity that is carried out by means of their account and be liable for damages resulting from improper use of their data for access by third parties.

You join the Customer must notify C.C.  immediately if there are grounds for believing that a user name (or email) or password is, or is likely to have, been known to someone not authorized to use or are likely to be used in a way not allowed.

If a customer forgets or loses Registered user name, should contact C.C. , and perform safety checks required by C.C. 

C.C.  reserves the right to terminate your user name (or e-mail), nickname and password for access to the Site, if it considers that there is-or is likely to SIA there a security problem or unauthorized use of the same .

Join the Customer is responsible for the veracity of the information and personal data supplied upon registration. Join the Customer must immediately inform C.C. of any change in the information and personal data provided at the time of registration or provide directly, if possible, to update, to ensure that information and personal data are constantly current, accurate, complete and truthful. In the case where they are provided, namely C.C.  has reason to suspect that they have been provided, information or false personal information, inaccurate or incomplete, C.C. will have the right to prevent the use of the Website by the Registered Customer.


The Site, products, and functions made available or sold through the Site are provided solely for the personal use of the customer. The Customer may not resell or groped to resell Products, Services, Content or functions made available or sold through the Site to any third party, nor use the Site in order to perform business activities or in any case a professional or commercial purposes, including advertising, promotion, placement or any other form of commercialization of Products, Services or content made available through the Site, without the prior written consent of C.C. 

The customer must not copy, modify, transmit and distribute externally, publicly display, download, print or publish any part of the Site or the Content for commercial purposes. The Site may be used only for personal purposes of the Customer and in accordance with this Agreement.

You may not in any way alter or vary the editing, graphics, layout or "look and feel" of any web page within the site it being understood that these will be defined by C.C.  or on behalf of C.C.  at its sole discretion. C.C.  will have the right to enter their trademark, trade name, logo, ideogram, or other distinctive sign C.C. of third parties and to place advertising banners, hyperlinks or other forms of advertising at its sole discretion within each web page at 'interior of the site.

The Customer shall not exploit or use the Site or any Content, in such a way as to cause detriment to C.C.  or others. In particular, the client has an obligation to refrain from using the Site or the Content for carrying out activities in competition, or in any case in such a way as to cause damage or harm to the interests, including economic, ie the image of C.C., other customers or third parties.

You are solely responsible for the assessment of any product or service on the Site.

C.C.  assumes no responsibility for personal data or information or other contents that may be posted, distributed, uploaded or downloaded by the Customer or any third party through the Site. In the event that the Site allows the customer to make comments or opinions about to products, services or features made available through the Site, the Customer undertakes to ensure that such comments or opinions are specifically related to the activity of the economic operator subject to comment and refer to specific and detailed facts. Save as aforesaid, C.C.  reserves the right to withdraw, modify or remove from the Site without any prior notice, any content made available by the Customer of which he has knowledge, as well as any other content anyway published by third parties that constitutes or may constitute breach of this Agreement, the mandatory provisions of law or the rights of third parties or in cases where C.C.  believes in good faith that such information or content constitute breach of this Agreement or the law.

The customer must indemnify C.C.  from any claim or legal action initiated or threatened against C.C.  by third parties as a result of the fact that the Website or its functions are used by the client in violation of this Article and in violation of any other provision of this Agreement.

ARTICLE 13 - Intellectual property.

The intellectual property rights relating to the Site or the Content are and remain the exclusive property of C.C.  or its licensors. 
And 'expressly forbidden to Customer to copy, modify, create derivative works or works from or based on the Site, the Content or software. 
And 'expressly forbidden to the customer to download, copy, reproduce, duplicate or otherwise use or disseminate any trademark, trade name, logo, ideogram, or other distinguishing feature related to or its products.

Article 14 - Protection of personal data.

The disclosure prepared pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree. N. 196 of 30 June 2003 (cd. Code regarding the protection of personal data) is to be considered an integral part of this Agreement. 
The owner of the data in the Privacy Act:
 Claudia Causarano 
Via F. M. Penna, 33 
97018 Scicli (RG) Italy


Any communication relating to these General Conditions or, in general, any contract signed with C.C.  must be sent by mail or email to the following addresses:

Responsible e.Commerce 
Claudia Causarano 
Via F. M. Penna, 33 
97018 Scicli (RG) Italy

For any assistance with your phone, please contact the number 0932-841479 from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 13.00. and from 16.00 to 20.00.

Article 16 - Governing law and jurisdiction

The Agreement is governed by Italian law. 
For any dispute concerning the validity, effectiveness, interpretation or execution of each agreement and, in general, relative to navigation on the Site by the Customer or the use of any functionality made ​​available to the same customer through the Site, it shall be referred exclusively to the court of Ragusa, except the mandatory hole of the place of residence or elected domicile of the customer acting as a consumer customer, within the meaning of the Consumer Code.