Who we are

Anthos di Violart

Welcome to ANTHOS DI VIOLART official website fine Caltagirone ceramics , thanks to the commitment and passion we select, the production of the best CERAMICS of Caltagirone Masters.

Many times words are not enough to make you grasp the way the harmony that each our product is able to form and for that we will leave to speak our creations.

Light, simple contours and fine handmade decorations confer with personality enhancing the environment around them. 
Our ceramics are shaped and painted by hand  through a complex process in order to create unique artwork, destined to become a Tomorrow treasures of the past. 

You are inside OUR virtual store direct sales of ceramic art of Caltagirone where you will find the most complete exhibition of ceramic works, strictly handmade, selected for you among the best ceramic artists of Caltagirone.