Sales Conditions Anthos


Delivery options and costs: Courier 
Our merchandise travels with MBE


If the product is in availability 'limited, might receive emails that the article' ended.


Being handmade objects, our products have lead times which vary according to availability 'from 3 to 15 days after order confirmation.

Control of received goods

Upon delivery monitor and report immediately to the forwarder any dents or imperfections packaging received. 
Our products travel by express courier insured in case of breakage. 
Shipments are made ​​in Italy and abroad. 
At the time of delivery and 'important to monitor and report immediately any imperfections and / or damage the housing package.

Payment methods

- Transfer, enter the purpose of transfer only the order number (NO ADDITIONAL COST)

- Paypal (CHARGE COMMISSION 3.5 euro)

About PayPal

PayPal is one of the online payment methods safest ever. The payment data will not be aware of Claudia Causarano but will reside on PayPal servers, equipped with 3.0 SSL security and encryption to 168-bit data, the highest level available (if you want more information, read go to the official website

To use Paypal must have a Paypal account? 
No. Even if you do not have any Paypal account you can pay with your credit card on the secure servers of PayPal, with no need to open an account or otherwise.

Ceramicheanthos is "Verified by Paypal": what does it mean? 
From the PayPal site: The PayPal verification system allows you to get more information about users before sending their payments via PayPal. Verify that the information below is consistent with the company, organization or person you want to send payment. To become a member occurred in Italy a PayPal user must register to our program verification code. After completing registration with verification code, the user is subjected to additional checks that increase security for all PayPal users.

For transfer coordinates


IBAN: IT48Q0301503200000002864871
BIC: Banca ricevente (swift): UNCRITMM - Banca beneficiario: FEBIITM1


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